Updating Your Name or Email Address

Legal Name Changes

For legal name changes that require your information to be updated in Path systems, please email support@pathccm.com

Please note, that at this time, Path does need the legal name listed in our systems to match the name the name listed on your insurance policy. This will ensure billing will run effortlessly for you!

We understand that this is not an ideal solution and we want to respect the name you want to be called. We do have a feature request to allow for multiple names to be tied to a patient record - please read below for more information.


Updating Your Preferred Name in Path Systems

When signing up for therapy through Path, there is now an option to enter your Preferred Name, which will be reflected in our systems and allows patients to be referred to by their chosen name in both Path messaging and by their therapist. If you would like to update your Preferred Name in Path’s systems, please email support@pathccm.com


Updating Your Email Address in Path Systems

To update the email address you have on file with Path, please email support@pathccm.com.

Have additional questions? Email support@pathccm.com

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