Kaiser Permanente - Requesting Additional Visits/Referrals

Path is very excited to be partnering with Kaiser Permanente in California and Hawaii! 

Currently, Path accepts the following two Kaiser Permanente insurance plans: 

  • Kaiser Permanente Southern California
  • Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

Kaiser Permanente Initial Referral Information

Kaiser Permanente provides patients with a letter that indicates the patient has an initial referral for up to 16 sessions for those with Kaiser Permanente Southern California insurance and up to 52 sessions for patients with Kaiser Permanente Hawaii insurance. If a  patient needs additional sessions beyond the initial referral, Path will coordinate with their therapist to obtain an additional referral from Kaiser if ongoing care is needed.


Requesting Additional Referrals or Visits

When additional sessions are determined to be medically necessary beyond the number of visits covered by the initial Kaiser referral, Path can obtain a new referral from Kaiser, pending a Clinical Care Review (CCR), to ensure continuity of care in treatment for clients who need ongoing services.

Existing Path patients should discuss with their therapist whether ongoing care (additional visits) are medically necessary. Existing patients should not reach out to Kaiser directly to receive an additional referral.

It is important to note that a client will remain in care as long as it is deemed medically necessary following a Clinical Care Review.

If additional sessions are not deemed medically necessary, patients will coordinate discharge from care with their therapist. The therapist will provide Kaiser members with aftercare resources. 


Have additional questions? Email support@pathccm.com 

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