Automatic Booking of Recurring Appointments

How does automatic booking of recurring appointments work?

At Path, we want to be sure the appointment slot (day of the week and time) of your initial therapy appointment is available to you for follow-up visits if you and your therapist believe it is appropriate. So, upon booking your initial therapy visit through Path, we automatically book recurring appointments for you on the same day and same time for the four weeks following your initial appointment. At your first session, you and your therapist should discuss a plan for ongoing appointments, including the recurring visits that have already been scheduled.

Please remember that you'll not be charged anything ahead of time for future visits. You and your therapist will decide if you want to reschedule or cancel the automatically booked recurring visits, or you can always cancel up to 24 hours in advance at no charge.

You'll receive appointment reminders 24 hours ahead of all scheduled visits.

If you would prefer to book all your own follow-up visits please email to cancel your recurring visits or if you'd like you can cancel the appointments within the Path patient portal. Note that when initial appointments are canceled within the portal, all follow-up appointments are also canceled. Follow-up appointments can be canceled within the portal one at a time.

How do I easily cancel the recurring appointments that were automatically booked for me?

After the booking of your initial therapy appointment, you'll receive an email letting you know that four recurring appointments have been scheduled for you automatically. If you wish to cancel these appointments, simply cancel the appointments within the Path patient portal or reply to the email and let us know!


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