Out-of-State Care

Therapists that contract with Path are bound by their licenses to only treat patients who are physically located in the state(s) with which they hold their license. Please discuss with your therapist prior to any travel and see below for more information.



If a patient is traveling, it is important when engaging in interstate therapy practice that therapists comply with all relevant laws and regulations in both the therapist's own state and where the client is located; this includes Telehealth. Please see below for answers to common scenarios you may encounter.


Scenario 1

  • Scenario: A patient is out of the state in which they registered with Path, and the therapist is not.
  • Answer: The therapist needs to be licensed where the patient is located or they cannot practice.  


Scenario 2

  • Scenario: A patient is traveling out of state temporarily. 
  • Answer: Continuing to see their therapist is allowable for temporary situations of less than 30 days. Please discuss with your therapist prior to any travel.


Scenario 3

  • Scenario: A therapist is out of state they usually practice/perform visits with a patient, and the patient is not. 
  • Answer: The therapist should look up the requirements of the state they are in. If the client is in-state and the therapist is out of state, this depends on local state regulations. States require therapists to apply for temporary licenses in their states. Please discuss this situation with your therapist.


Scenario 4

  • Scenario: A patient is moving to a new state and needs to find a new therapist.
  • Answer: 
    • The patient should log into the Path patient portal and update their address to their new residence. For instructions on how to update your address in the Path patient portal, click here. 
    • Then, the patient should find a new therapist and replace their existing therapist in the Path patient portal. For instructions on how to replace your therapist in the Path patient portal, click here. 


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