AdvancedMD (AMD) Patient Portal Navigation

AdvancedMD (AMD) Overview

AdvancedMD (AMD) is the electronic medical record used by Path, its patients, and therapists that contract with Path. The below outlines actions patients can take within the AMD patient portal.

  • Pay your bills
  • View records
  • Fill out patient forms

Patients should read this article if you have already logged into your AMD patient portal account and would like an overview of the account. 

  • If you need help creating/registering your AMD patient portal account for the first time, click here.
  • If you need help troubleshooting problems with an existing AMD patient portal account, click here.


The AMD Patient Portal Landing Page

Once you have successfully logged into the portal, you will see the below landing page.



The landing page shows patient/contact information, date of birth, balance due (if any), next and last appointments, and any reminders to take action. 

Selecting buttons at the top or bottom of the landing page allow you to navigate to the different sections: Bills, Forms, and Records. In each of these sections you can:

  • Bills - View and pay your account balance online using a credit or debit card.
  • Records - View or download your medical records.
  • Forms - Access your forms and update any outstanding/incomplete forms.


Patient Forms

If you have been sent forms that still need to be completed, a red number will appear over the Patient Forms icon. Clicking the icon will take you to the forms that need to be completed. Click Start to fill out each form.



Additional Information

Please note that patients cannot change/update the following information from within the AMD patient portal:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Insurance information
  • Credit card on file

If you would like to update your phone number, address, credit card on file, or insurance information, you can do so by logging into your Path patient portal.

If you need directions on how to log into the Path patient portal, click here.


To update your name or email address, or for any other questions, please email 

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